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BlackBerry 10 OS images leaked?

BlackBerry 10 OS images leaked?
Keen on finding out what BlackBerry 10 OS is going to look like when it's released? Well, the folks over at CrackBerry claim to have landed themselves the very first snapshots of the upcoming operating system. Thanks to the leaked screenshots, we get to peek at its homescreen, icons, “widgets”, unified inbox and in-call screen. While the images look pretty interesting (I'm definitely reminded of iOS and Android), there's something peculiar about them.

They appear to look like badly edited photographs, so we're not 100% convinced this is the new BlackBerry 10 OS. However, the images were reportedly taken from a 14-page PDF that was prepared by RIM's external ad agency partners as a BB10 briefing document so it could be screenshots from a rough document, or just something stitched together as a sample. But assuming that these images were authentic, there's a chance that the final product will end up looking very different. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when BlackBerry 10 OS is released later this year.

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